Welcome to The Southern Highlander.  My name is Daniel Manget, I am an Environmental Educator in the Asheville, NC area.  The reason I decided to create this site is because I couldn’t find one decent site that shared the science of the natural world and history and culture of our unique Southern Appalachians.  I just wanted to learn more the flowers, birds, history, stories, and more about the region in general.  All of the blogs that I found seemed to just be a bragging outlet for adventurous people to show everyone their amazing trips and talk about how far they hiked but nothing that they actually saw.  This is the reason why I have never followed a blog before and I why I created this one.

This site will not be about me and my adventures.  It will be about the enthralling stories that nature has to tell us, the unmatched beauty of The Southern Appalachians, and the historical figures who explored it, fell in love with it, and conserved it for us to enjoy.