Hello from the Historian

Sunset on the Little T

I am a currently living in Athens, Georgia, where I am pursuing a PhD in history from the University of Georgia. Specializing in environmental history and Appalachian history, my dissertation fuses the two fields together to look at how the wild plants of the southern Appalachians have shaped the region’s history, as well as the perceptions held by outsiders regarding the region.  My roots run deep across the Appalachian region. Before moving to Athens, I lived for 8 years in Hayesville, North Carolina. My family has had a small cabin in north Georgia for nearly 70 years, and my grandmother was born and raised in eastern Kentucky. I am excited about this blog, run by my brother, because it will give me a chance to convey some of my knowledge to you. Although most of my writing targets a scholarly audience, with all their peculiarities and fascination with theory and jargon, this blog will give me the opportunity to address a non-scholarly—or, as my advisor John Inscoe describes you people, “civilian”—audience. Civilians are, in many ways, much more fun to write for, for they appreciate stories for their own sake on their own merits, rather than for their value to scholarship. Yet, I hope to bridge the scholarly-civilian divide by relating stories that are of interest to both groups. If you are curious about the cultural and natural history of the region and desire a deeper and broader knowledge, this blog’s for you.

Luke Manget