Monthly Archive: April, 2014

Spring Wildflowers and Ants: Part 1 of The Evolutionary Best Buds Series


Each spring ephemeral wildflowers burst through the forest floor to take advantage of plentiful sunlight and an abundance of pollinators but, there is one type of organism that is particularly excited to see… Continue reading

The Quest for Shortia: How a 17-year-old boy found the holy grail of botany


My first post is a story that all residents of western North Carolina, especially those interested in botany and history, should know: the quest for shortia galacifolia, now commonly called Oconee Bells. For… Continue reading

Ephemeral Wildflowers of Appalachia: Living the Rock N’ Roll lifestyle


The Spring Wildflowers in the Appalachian Mountains are rebels and gamblers who are constantly playing the odds in order to gain a competitive advantage. In a region with so much diversity this is… Continue reading