Monthly Archive: May, 2014

The Wild and the Cultivated: Is there really a difference?


By Luke Manget The Turk’s Cap Lily is one of the southern Appalachian Mountains’ true wildflower jewels, but does our perception of its beauty depend upon its state of wildness?  In other words, if this photo… Continue reading

Daddy Darters: Responsible Father or Deceitful Womanizer?


Of the 850+ species of freshwater fish in the United States and Canada, over half exist in Southern Appalachia and many of them are unique to this region alone.  One charismatic and colorful… Continue reading

E. B. Olmsted and the Post-Civil-War Ginseng Boom


By Luke Manget Particularly vulnerable to habitat destruction and overharvesting, ginseng plants like this once covered the mountains, but over the course of the nineteenth century, they gradually disappeared from much of their… Continue reading