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Parasitic Flowering Plants of Appalachia


By Daniel Manget     In late summer in the Southern Appalachians, the plants get so thick that traveling through the woods on anything other than a trail is almost out of the… Continue reading

The Solar-Powered Salamander


By Daniel Manget Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds, a solar-powered Salamander, but not from solar panels but from Algae. ¬†Green Algae and the¬†Spotted Salamander¬†Ambystoma maculatum have been known to have a… Continue reading

Spring Wildflowers and Ants: Part 1 of The Evolutionary Best Buds Series


Each spring ephemeral wildflowers burst through the forest floor to take advantage of plentiful sunlight and an abundance of pollinators but, there is one type of organism that is particularly excited to see… Continue reading